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The Ronco Luigina Agricultural Company was born out of passion in 1984 in Chieri (TO) and in 2004 with the acquisition of new plots of land in the hills of Marentino, a small village a few kilometers from Turin, this passion turns into a main activity with the production based on the “short chain” of the “Piedmont Hazelnut PGI”

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It was 1977 when as an inheritance he chose agricultural land instead of brick, and this is how the first foundation of the Ronco Luigina Farm was laid by the owner, Luigina, hence the name of the company.
Daughter of far-sighted farmers, she and her husband chose to plant and cultivate Hazelnut in an area of Piedmont where there was not much of it yet, Chieri, a town near the great city of Turin.
In the 80s, in a historical moment in which technology and information technology were the masters, in which a personal computer was desired at home, precursor years of the cell phone, internet and Google era, Luigina chose instead to continue to work the land just as his parents did


For years she did a completely different job but in the meantime she took care of her plot of land and her hazelnuts which she planted in 1984, together with her husband Piero.
They grew up, they created a family, two children Federico and Francesca, everything proceeded normally, but at a certain point the passion for the land and for hazelnuts took over and so in 2004 they decided to buy plots of land in a town not far from Chieri, Marentino, located in the Turin hills.
And this is how the other foundations are laid for the complete start-up of the current Ronco Luigina Farm.

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Luigina and Piero have lived intensely, they have had life experiences abroad, they can tell of having lived for a few years in Africa, they have had experiences in India, China, Europe and it was perhaps this that allowed them to have a open mind and to be able to see the potential of a place and a job, in a market that practically does not exist in the province of Turin.

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in the hills of Piedmont

They saw some uncultivated hills and decided to turn them into hazelnut groves, taking care of the entire production chain personally, thanks also to an agricultural shed built in the heart of the land.
Shed that today is the beating heart of the company, it is the place where the IGP Piedmont Hazelnut is transformed, where from a simple fruit of the earth it becomes a delight for the palate and the senses.
The cultivation of hazelnut groves takes place thanks to the principle of Integrated Culture which strictly follows the directives of the Piedmont Region or agricultural practices that are sustainable for the environment, furthermore being an IGP brand product the company is followed from cultivation to processing up to conditioning by the body in charge of these checks.
Luigina and Piero decide together to work the hazelnut, and even before the transformation laboratory has been set up, they carry out the very first experiments in their own home oven .. they toast, peel, and make the first products (one is the Toasted Hazelnut with honey) and the house smells of toasted hazelnut and honey.


In 2014, with the opening of the transformation laboratory, they can afford to work bigger, so they begin to make all products in purity, that is all those products that see the use of only hazelnuts without adding other ingredients … thus they begin to buy the necessary machinery to be able to shell the hazelnut, toast it, make it grain and flour and finally to make the cream … one of the company’s flagship products, due to the fact that it is a very pure artisan cream with only the use of hazelnut .
Attached to the laboratory, they decide to start a small shop of their products … people begin to approach the business a little out of curiosity (there was no Piedmontese hazelnut processing laboratory in the Turin area before, it was found exclusively in the area delle Langhe) partly because friends and relatives had spread the word and also and above all because once you have tasted the Luigina hazelnuts you can’t do without them.

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The business begins to take hold, customers begin to increase, thanks also to the various fairs in which Luigina and Piero participated to make themselves known, so in 2017 the daughter Francesca decides to get on the boat and participate in the crazy project of the parents. to bring the Ronco Luigina Hazelnut all over the world …
Francesca has a particular background, she did not study agriculture, she did not study economics and commerce, but she graduated in Building Engineering-Architecture in Pavia, in high school she attended the Institute of Art with a focus on Restoration of Pictorial Works, she is a qualified person but with a world inside and outside its square and that’s how he decides to make his contribution to the business …
Thanks to the teachings in graphics and computer science received at the university, she renews the logo, labels and creates the company’s first website; she also dedicates herself to the transformation laboratory and together with her parents they create new products, some of which did not even exist on the market, such as Crunchy Cream


In the summer of 2017 the business arrives inside Eataly Lingotto in Turin, in the producers’ square, and from that moment what was a small family business known in Marentino and its surroundings begins to be known by more and more Turinese … range of products exclusively based on Piedmont hazelnuts IGP appeals to young and old and therefore from mid-2019 it was decided to dedicate a fixed space to the Ronco hazelnuts in the Eataly Lingotto shop, so it is three years that all Turinese and tourists can find all the Ronco Luigina products in this small corner in a place that represents food excellence in the world

Slowly, over the years the company grows while remaining a family-run business, with Francesca who slowly takes the reins and with Federico who, although he has undertaken another job, is very tied to the activity and when he can he reaches the family to give his contribution.
The company aims to grow and expand further not only in the national market but also in Europe and, why not, conquer international markets with a zero kilometer made in Italy product, healthy and of the highest quality.

Ronco Luigina Az. Agricola is always looking for new collaborations, experiments, ideas because for her

“The future is something that we build day after day by chasing our dreams”

Luigina had a dream, that of transforming her passion into a job and she succeeded, and she also managed to pass it on to her children, so “stay tuned” that there will be many news in the future of this hazelnut-scented world.
Because as the king of dreamers said “If you can dream it, you can do it.” W. Disney

Ronco Luigina Piemonte food award logo 2018

Piedmont special mention
Food Awards 2018

Ronco Luigina Piemonte food award logo 2019

Piedmont special mention
Food Awards 2019